Paradox EVOHD Panel Set - K641

Paradox EVOHD Panel Set - K641


Paradox EVOHD Panel Set - K641

Paradox Insight™

Designed for your lifestyle

Paradox Insight™ is the first and only integrated solution of HD video/audio monitoring with superior security capabilities that allows users to see and hear what is going on and protect their home or business anytime, anywhere right from their smartphone. In a case of a security breach, Paradox Insight™ provides HD videos with high quality audio of events for visual verification and reporting purposes.

  • HD video and audio camera (720p)
  • Unlimited viewing / recording of live HD video and audio streaming - anytime, anywhere
  • Instant video and audio notification with 10FPS JPGs for alarm verification
  • Free SDK enables CMS automation software to receive both video and alarm for efficient event reporting
  • User privacy protection - set of permissions limit non-master users and CMS system access
  • Secure multiple locations via one app
  • Self-monitoring application allows immediate access to secure locations from anywhere

Paradox offers a variety of complementary products that can be easily deployed with the Paradox Insight™ solution. The EVOHD control panel flexibility allows a professional installer to build innovative solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of a diverse range of customers. To maximize its capabilities, Paradox Insight is designed to support additional products, including:


TM50 / K641+

Touchscreen module or standard keypad offers an easy and intuitive interface to manage and control the security system in addition to the Paradox Insight™ mobile app.



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