EP.BR100 Biometric Reader

EP.BR100 Biometric Reader


EP.BR100 Biometric Reader

BR100 is a new generation access control device of Entrypass. The BR100 adopts for easy for ease of operation. As an access control device, which are designed with PoE communication and access interface separation, the BR100 is easy to install and reducing the labor cost. The powerful access control function is noteworthy for BR100. Relay output for door control, Wiegand output and group, time zones. Multi communications with TCP/IP, RS485 and Mini USB port. The Alarm push function increases area security.

When you place your finger on fingerprint sensor, sensor will be activated automatically and will awaken the device from sleep.

Power Over Ethernet provides device network communication and the power is sufficient for both device and lock to operate.

When you reach out your hand to touch the keypad, P7 will be activated automatically and ready for your entering.

Easy Installation
The access interface adopts quick Install connector, without any tools to finish the wiring of the access control. The P7 with front and rear clamshell design will further simplifies installation operation for installer.

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