Mototrbo XiR P3688 Portable Radio

Mototrbo XiR P3688 Portable Radio


Mototrbo XiR P3688 Portable Radio

Category: Motorola Walkie Talkie

Brand: Motorola


You want to connect your workforce as efficiently as possible. You expect your radios to be affordable but flexible, so they can evolve with you. Now there’s a portable that gives you great voice communications today, and a path to crisp and clear digital voice communications when you’re ready.

Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO™ combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest analog and digital technology. The MOTOTRBO portfolio offers the right device for the right user, from voice-only portables to feature-rich voice and data radios.

The rugged MOTOTRBO XiR P3688™ is available as an analog/digital radio that offers all the benefits of the latest technology – from superior audio to greater coverage to longer battery life. This affordable portable is compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO features you’ll find are business-essential, for example a transmission can be interrupted to prioritize critical communications.

Now you can improve the efficiency of your operation with easy-to-use voice communication that’s right for you.



  • Analog / Digital
  • Voice Communications
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Standards Compliant
  • Narrowbanding Compliant
  • IP54 Rated



  • Radio Management Suite
  • Transmit Interrupt (decode only)


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