Abell Walkie Talkie A82

Abell Walkie Talkie A82


Abell Walkie Talkie A82

Category: Abell Walkie Talkie

Brand: Abell

The A-82 with innovative stainless still logo and unique outlook enable users a comfortable use experience. Built with the best electronic components in the world ensures the best specification and performance. Advanced speaker design ensures loud and clear audio.



Basic Features

Frequency range
UHF 400-470MHz 440-480MHz, VHF136-174MHz, allows users the flexibility to select frequency for use in their respective work environment.

High/Low output power switchable.
The feature is programmable, dealers can program power high for long distance communication and power low in short distance communication for battery save.

The feature enables radio to broadcast the current channel number and output power when power on or channel switching, offering you notable convenience.

50 groups CTCSS and 104 groups DCS for a better anti-interference and comfortable communication.

Wide/narrow band programmable
The feature allows user to utilize the frequency they preferred.

Busy channel lockout

Low battery alarming

Channel scanning

Squelch tail elimination

Super Features

5W Radio and 1.5W audio output

IP66 water proof and dust proof

High capacity battery
1600mAh Li-ion battery can work 14 hours (5-5-90 duty).

Super Anti-interference and Shock proof
The strengthened aluminum chassis is much thicker than ordinary radios; it protects A-82 drops from 4m high to cement ground without damage and can stand-by a car pass on it.

Software encryption
The feature ensures the radio information of the confidentially, only authorized person can read and write it. It's more convenient for a dealer to manage the radios.

The feature enables user to manage a working team easily.


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